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Birte Paschen

Registered Midwife Birte Paschen supports women and their families through pregnancy, birth and their post partum period in Vernon and surrounding areas. With a deep love for teaching, and roughly 20 years of work experience, Birte loves giving options and seeing women transition from the unknown of early pregnancy through labour, birth and into motherhood.



During your pregnancy, your visits will be scheduled about every 4-5 weeks until 30 weeks, then every 2-3 weeks until you are 36 weeks and then every week until the birth of your baby. You can page any time with an urgent concern, and leave non-urgent voice messages that will be answered during business hours.


Midwives offer support and guidance through the early stages of labour and are with you throughout your entire active labour, birth and initial stages postpartum.


After the birth, midwives continue to provide comprehensive care for you and your baby and remain your primary care provider for approximately 6 weeks. You continue to have 24- hour urgent access to your midwife as well as the benefit of frequent postpartum visits.

Your Choice

In 1998 Midwifery was fully integrated into the BC Medical System. Since then pregnant women get to choose whether to receive care from a family doctor OR a registered midwife. No referral needed and with no additional cost as Midwifery is covered by your MSP/ BC Health Care Card.  



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